The ultimate outdoor playground.

Located between Haiming, Sautens and Roppen on the 47th parallel, this unique play area covers some 6.5 hectares. High-tech activities and sports for all ages and preferences await you here: outdoor adventures, event arena, water fun, gastronomy, plus many more highlights!

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Water Area - Unlimited water fun

The Water AREA covers 20,000 m²: swimming lake with giant water slide park – dizzy heights included – and diving tower, beach volleyball fields, beach soccer fields, overhanging bouldering rock above the water, slack-line area, bob stunts from the water jump. Thrilling moments are guaranteed.

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Outdoor Area

The cream of outdoor action and adventure: Climbing AREA with high rope park up to 27 meters high, oversize climbing wall and speed climbing routes for real pros; mega-swing liana, 350 meter long flying fox – watch the AREA47 from a bird's eye view! Superb rafting on the rivers Ötztaler Ache and Inn, canyoning tours through Tirol's picture-book ravines and romantic gorges.

Climbing Area

The giant bridge pier above the Ötztaler Ache features a 27 meter high lead climbing route – Austria's highest artificial climbing wall structure with an infinite number of vertical challenges for all tastes and ability levels. Additional highlights: boulder cave offering thrilling routes, deep water soloing boulder wall on the lakeshore where diving fun is already included.

Event Area - Ötztal Dome & River Haus

The Ötztal Dome is Austria's second biggest indoor event center with a total capacity of up to 8,000 people and a height of 19 meters. A great 3,800 m² spot for concerts, parties, sports events and all kinds of entertaining highlights: mountain biking, boxing, street soccer, freestyle motocross and an infinite number of other competitions were already held here.

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