Holidays on a farm.

Genuine traditions in a modern setting at the Rimlhof.

On our modern farm we also take full advantage of the latest agricultural technologies but without neglecting the deeply rooted traditions passed on from one generation to the next. I followed my father's and grandfather's steps, they were farmers for their whole lives. Of course, I knew that we had to modernize both productivity and the land's cultivation in order to keep pace with the future development of the farming sector.

To cut a long story short: I wanted to give my children the chance to maintain our family tradition without giving up the authentic way of life. We are very proud of being farmers.

Passionate farmers with a heart and mind. 

The farm animals are a matter dear to our heart, and we want to share this experience with our guests. Therefore we invite you to visit the animals in their stables in the course of a guided tour where you get to know many surprising and interesting facts.

With a bit of luck you can watch the fully automated milking of our cows during the escorted tour of the stables. Experience close-by how the cows get in line, waiting for their turn!

See you there in the stables...
All the best, Josef Riml