Längenfeld in Ötztal: Your Apartment in the mountains

"Stress-free travelling:
how the journey becomes
a pleasant experience."

Alpenappart Rimlhof in Längenfeld - Ötztal
Alpenappart Rimlhof in Längenfeld

Take some time for your journey to Längenfeld in Ötztal. Already during the journey you can admire the mountains and awesome natural landscapes waiting to be discovered. Your apartment is ready for you and will soon inspire you with unrivaled panoramic views. Here you will find all important details you need for a quick and comfortable journey.

Our guests receive a 10% discount
on relaxation & wellness pleasures.
Vacation close to the largest
outdoor adventure park in Europe.
Breathtaking world of ski slopes:
skiing at 3000 meters above sea level.
A piece of home.
Authentic tradition.